Established December 1989 by Tony Landl. Back then the business consisted of a few yachts and a couple of hobbies cats and was a complete seasonal sailing hire business operating in the summer months on Lake Taupo. Due to customer demand, natural growth and sustainabilty we were finally able to build a proper building in 2000 and look to diversify into coffee and basic prepackaged food. From there it was obvious what the majority of our customers request were and this was to buy a beer or wine. After a lot of effort and time Tony secured a liquor licence for the the Two Mile Bay Sailing Club in 2006. The initial liquor licence allowed us to serve alcohol between the hours of 12pm-2pm. The fact that we secured this initial licence was ground breaking. From this point on we extended our licensed hours from 8am-6pm over the summer months and winter months which allowed us to operate the business year round.


2009 saw Tonys two sons Torben and Jan set the bar up properly and drive this side of the business.  In 2012 we increased our licensed hours to 8am-10pm 7 days a week, created the ability to have special events that ran until 1am and added a wood fired pizza oven. Up until 2016 we had a lease with the Taupo district council. However a change of ownsership and the land being handed back to Ngāti Tūwharetoa we were able to secure a long term lease agreement with The Tūwharetoa Trust Board. Due to our long standing relationship and support from them the site size was increased. 


2017 saw the succession plan take place with Torben and Jan buying Tony out of the business. 2018 was a year of dramatic growth with the new outdoor area becoming licensed and landscaped. Peroni Tap beer being added, new larger pizza ovens added. 2019 has seen the addition of more toilet facilities. Today we are famous for our Pizzas, our live music every Friday and Sunday. Our unique location situated over Two Mile Bay lake Taupo. We still offer a wide range of waterspouts activities, sailing, paddle boarding. kayaking, windsurfing, hobbit cats and are passionate about seeing people out on the water having fun. December this year brings up our 30th Anniversary!